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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Know who is in your neighborhood

City Center Partnership’s Hospitality Team Services

You may have noticed the Team of Yellow Shirts patrol the Main Street area. We want to make sure you understand how much they do for this area and how you can utilize their services.

The Yellow Shirts provide a free shuttle service that runs throughout a 36 block area from Elmwood Avenue to Gervais Street, and from Marion Street to Assembly Street. You can call them from 8 am to 11 pm and they will meet you wherever you are and take you wherever you need to go within this area. Their daytime phone number is 803-233-0620 and 803-309-7758 at night.

The whole team works to keep the area clean and attractive by removing litter and graffiti, landscaping work, planting flowers, and pressure washing. They are also available to disseminate safety information to visitors and residents as well as report any potential threats to the district.

These guys do a wonderful job keeping our neighborhood clean and safe. Please feel free to call them day or night if you need a ride in the area or even just an escort back to your apartment.

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